Whanganui Mountain Bike Club

The Hub of Mountain Biking for the Whanganui Region

Lismore forest reopened for Club members

Lismore mountain bike park has been closed to the club for 2 years due to logging and all trails need work to make them rideable. Some trails will, unfortunately, be permanently closed. Notification will be made as the trails become rideable and an “Open” put next to...

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Sunday rides

The Whanganui Mountain Bike Club organises rides most Sundays. The rides vary somewhat in experience and fitness level, but are generally suitable for beginners. The club members share transport and help each other out in case of mechanical failure or other mishap. On...

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About the Club

Whanganui Mountain Bike Club’s aim is to promote the sport of mountain biking as an enjoyable, healthy sport for families and people of all ages and abilities. We plan to make information available concerning mountain biking areas, particularly in the region. We encourage conservation of native flora and fauna around designated mountain biking areas so that access for mountain biking is maintained and enhanced. We ask that riders of the tracks in the Whanganui area become members of the club. This helps with the cost of maintaining the tracks and developing new ones as land becomes available. Membership Fees are kept to a minimum and are great value at $40 for family membership. See the options for membership on our Membership page. Check out our Facebook page for more info, pictures of maps and club updates

Enjoyed our tracks?

Thank you for supporting WMTBC’s work protecting, building and maintaining trails in the Whanganui region. As a nonprofit orginisation we rely on your donations to help us keep making Whanganui a better place to ride.

Join The Club

A low cost annual membership gives you access to our regular events and exclusive members route library. Great rates for family membership too. Whether you are a casual weekend warrior or a hard-core downhill rider, we have something  to offer.