Matipo Park – Access is closed temporarily

Access is closed temporarily (we hope) due to the access bridge needing repairs and problems with Kiwirail giving permission to cross the railway line at that point

WDC Park available for walkers, horseriding and bikers. All tracks are steep and most single tracks are grade 4 and above. Whanganui MTB Club has no role in maintaining these tracks.   The single tracks were developed specifically for the Masters Games downhill events.

Access from Brunswick Road,on the left past Hylton Park.  There is a small parking area through a gate.  Access is across a bridge and up to and across a railway line.  Caution crossing at all times.

Matipo Park is a recreational park reserve with a mixture of native and exotic trees donated to the town by the Matipo Land Company in 1913. The tracks can get very slippery when wet and are best in summer when dry.

Perimeter Road – grade 3

This 4-wheel drive road can be ridden in either direction but is less steep going up if done in an anti-clockwise direction.  The start is about 50m along the railway line to the right.  A short meandering single track can be ridden half way up the first hill alongside the road on the left.  At the top of the hill where it flattens out, a short section of easy Grade 2 cross-country single track is found on the left. The road undulates further upwards along the top fence line with great views. A short detour goes up to the very top point and a farm gate.  The road then drops fairly steeply to the valley below to the intersection  of the two Valley Tracks.  The road continues on for a short flat section to the railway line crossing and down to the carpark.

Valley Tracks – Grade 3+

Two tracks follow up through the centre of the park and meet two-thirds of the way up, to continue as a very steep section to join up with the Perimeter track.  The track on the right follows a stream and is very scenic through native bush.

Downhill Single Tracks – Grade 4+

Two downhill single tracks start together off to the right of the Perimeter road where it first flattens out, opposite the cross-country singletrack.  It soon crosses the road and then splits into two.  The track on the right (Skyfall) mainly follows a ridge to the valley and the bottom stretch of Permeter Road and the Valley Tracks.  The track on the left (Don’t Think Twice) meanders back and forth and spits out onto Perimeter Road on the uphill side about 50m above the railway line.