Please note that Lismore trails are temporarily closed due to logging activities. Keep an eye on Wanganui Downhill Facebook page for updates – May 2023


Lismore Forest Grades 3, 4, 5

This is an operational forest 20km north of Whanganui. From SH4 turn right onto Lismore/Mangaone Rd turnoff and park at the picnic area on the left before the main locked gate. Access on forest roads only on weekends. This includes Mangaone Rd which is the main forest road and is the easiest option to reach the start of all the downhill tracks. From the locked gate it is a steepish uphill for 3.2km and then left up the steeper Airstrip Rd which then flattens out and from which all the trails start. Off road tracks tend to be muddy in the Winter. Great downhill riding.


GRACES ROAD (CLOSED) – Grade 2, 3 (2.8km) Old forest road with easy gradient becoming steeper towards the top. Access from up behind the carpark through locked bar finishing up on Airstrip Rd. Great flowing downhill. Splits into two near the bottom end with the right hand branch leading down into GULLY.

GULLY (OPEN) – Grade 2 (1.6km) Follows creek below carpark. Access through locked bar beyond carpark, over wooden boards and left before fallen tree. Huge Redwoods and native bush, short ramp, bridges and ends on a steepish uphill onto Mangaone Rd. Can be ridden back to the carpark via the flat grassy area as a stand-alone loop of 1600m. A shorter version can be made along the flat grassy area on the approach side of the carpark and directly into the gully at the picnic bench and Koru turn-off. Gully is a scenic ride to add on at the end of KORU, TROOPERS or HUMPTY.

KORU (OPEN) – (Old Walking Track) Grade 3 (1300m) This trail has been recently cleared and upgraded. It is a great little trail starting about 250m down on HUMPTY and ends on GULLY, just beyond the park bench. Can be ridden up, for a good workout. Is narrow in parts with steepish drop-offs. Great Redwoods, Eucalypt and tree ferns.

BUSH RIDGE (CLOSED) – Follows old forest road second on right along Mangaone Rd to ridge then down and joins up with Te Maire Rd (first on the right from locked gate). Trails to be extended further up along road in the future.


TROOPERS (OPEN)– Grade 4+ Enduro Trail (2.2km) Starts off left split of Airstrip Rd past Emergency Meeting Area. Finishes in GULLY. The top 350m (Grade 3) can be ridden before exiting back to Airstrip Rd and onto HUMPTY.

HUMPTY DUMPED ME (OPEN) – Grade 3+ (700m) Access along Airstrip Rd at end of last side road to left (short uphill). Short fun rolling downhill leading onto KORU and then down a steeper gradient (Grade 4) to finish in GULLY.

REDWOOD (OPEN) – (old Walking Track) Grade 3 (350m) About 600m down HUMPTY. An easier alternative route to get down to lower part of HUMPTY.

NATIONAL – (CLOSED) Grade 5 (1km) Access from the fire tower off Airstrip Rd. Ends along Graces Rd which can be followed out to end.

TERRA FIRMA – (OPEN) Grade 5 (1.5km) Access next to TROOPERS along left split in Airstrip Rd. Ends in GULLY.

Lismore Carpark Trails click the link to view map