Great stuff is happening in Hylton with the new jump park progressing in the “pit”  thanks to Arlo and his dad Gary and their band of helpers.  An interesting feature is a couple of telephone poles sticking out of the ground at the moment as part of the structural entity.
The original trail Retainer has had to be slightly diverted behind the jumps.
Eazy Rider off Field St is looking great with lots of new native plantings and spraying and releasing around the older plants.  This has been a massive job spearheaded by Deon and his weekly helpers from Rotary.  The soil is unbelievably stony and hard and each hole has been dug by Deon with a post hole borer – hundreds of them.  Unfortunately there are still deer that wander in and cause damage.   Hopefully one day a deer proof fence will be erected around the park. 
Eazy Rider also has a number of new berms thanks to a small group of keen trail pixies.   Hopefully the new picnic bench will be used by families next to the small lake.
Unfortunately there have been reports of kids on small motor bikes getting through the squeeze bars and riding Shredder.  Please could you take any details if possible and report back so we can resolve this issue.
Hylton is at its best when dry so looking forward to lots of great riding over the warmer months.