A Special General Meeting is hereby called in accordance with clause 13(b) of the Constitution to be held at 7pm on Tuesday 23 July at Kitchen Contours, 379 Wicksteed St, Whanganui 


The purpose of the meeting is to

  1. Decide whether or not to re-register & if yes then to
  2. Amend the constitution to comply with the new act.

The need for this has come about due to the Incorporated Societies Act 2022 taking effect in October 2023, requiring the club to take the above steps.


The club is currently both an Incorporated Society and a Charitable Trust. It will retain both these statuses should it re-register. The benefits of being Incorporated are:

  1. We can apply for grants/funds
  2. We can enter into contracts eg License to occupy Hyltons Pit
  3. Individual members are not held personally liable for debts/contracts/accidents etc etc

In short it enables the club to function and fulfills its stated objectives.

The changes in the constitution are as follows

  1. Everyone who has applied successfully to become a member of the club will be deemed to have consented been a member of the society.
  2. Officers of the club must consent in writing to be officers of the club and that they meet eligibility criteria. (Appendix B)
  3. The committee will keep and maintain a disclosure of interest register of disclosures made by officers under section 63 of the act.
  4. Disputes will be addressed in accordance with Appendix A
  5. DISTRIBUTION OF ASSETS to named entity upon winding up


  1. Welcome and brief discussion
  2. Motion A: That the club agrees to re-register – Moved Frank Rawlinson Seconded Ken Pawson
  3. Motion B: That the club approve the draft changes to its constitution as attached – Moved Frank Rawlinson Seconded Ken Pawson
  4. Thank you from the chair
  5. Meeting end